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May I Come in Madam actress Neha Pendse

Popular humor series May I Come in Madam actress female lead, Neha Pendse, that plays with an attractive boss on the series, has seemingly been given a warning about her burden from the manufacturers of the series, according to current reports.

On the series, Neha plays with a boss of a business by which an employee who works for her develops a massive crush on her. Neha, that has seemingly put on some weight, was requested by the founders of the series to get fit, failing that she would be substituted, Mid-day reported.

"The manufacturers have given her an ultimatum to eliminate weight soon, otherwise they won't be able to keep on working with her.

But, may i come in madam actress Neha has rubbished the rumours stating that she hasn't yet been requested to do anything regarding her burden from the manufacturers.

"The manufacturers have stated no such thing. Folks like me how I am. Whether I'm thin or not, nobody has a problem," the actress said.

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